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Juicy Cupcake Presskit

Juicy Cupcake is a two-man indie game dev team based in Adelaide, South Australia. Juicy Cupcake is dedicated to creating games brimming with humor, backed by tightly-designed gameplay.

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Juicy Cupcake
Based in Adelaide, Australia
Founded late 2012

Andrew Freeth /andrewjfreeth
Founder, Artist, Level Design, Music/Audio.

Tim Tily /timtily
Co-founder, Coder, 3D Artist/Animator.


Brief Battles

May your butt reign supreme in Brief Battles! Use your underpants to fight your friends in this fast-paced, underwear-fueled party game.

Awards & recognition

  • Brief Battles: Best Party Game – Editors Choice Indie of the Year Awards, Indie DB 2019 
  • Brief Battles: Official Selection –  ID@Xbox Game Lobby, GDC 2018
  • Brief Battles: Unreal Dev Grant Recipient – Epic Games 2018
  • Brief Battles: Fundraising Campaign Successful – Kickstarter – 2017


Juicy Cupcake was founded in late 2012 by Andrew Freeth later joined by Tim Tily, two keen creatives, aspiring to enter the indie game dev scene.

Up until 2015 Juicy Cupcake set themselves the challenge of creating a number of small projects to help improve their skills and knowledge of game development. From these game jam-like projects, a gameplay prototype emerged that would eventually be used as the core movement system for Brief Battles.

In 2015 Juicy Cupcake developed a short demo titled ‘Melon Quest’. It used the aforementioned prototype movement system and was showcased in the Indie Games Room at AVCon. Melon Quest evolved into Brief Battles in early 2016.

Brief Battles is the debut title for Juicy Cupcake, released on May 7 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam & DRM-free). Brief Battles received a follow-up release on Nintendo Switch in February 2020.

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