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Is it cool to stream or create video content for any Juicy Cupcake game titles?

Absolutely. Juicy Cupcake grants press and those who have purchased a copy of a Juicy Cupcake game to create, stream and/or publish original content related to the game. This covers gameplay videos, walkthroughs, let’s plays and reviews.

Juicy Cupcake also grants free license to monetise this original content.


Can I sell Juicy Cupcake merchandise or merchandise related to any of Juicy Cupcake game titles?

Juicy Cupcake doesn’t grant the right to sell Juicy Cupcake merchandise or merchandise related to any Juicy Cupcake game titles, with a few exceptions:

  1. It’s ok to create and sell original creations that you’ve personally designed as fan art, based on Juicy Cupcake or Juicy Cupcake game titles.
  2. Juicy Cupcake doesn’t grant permission to use any graphics or assets from Juicy Cupcake published games, art or marketing materials, even if edited.
  3. Use of the Juicy Cupcake logo or any Juicy Cupcake game official logos is not permitted.
  4. Sale of personal creations is only ok in small batches. You’re not permitted to sell merchandise based on Juicy Cupcake or Juicy Cupcake published games on mass distribution platforms such as Threadless or RedBubble.

If in doubt, contact Juicy Cupcake.


Where can I find game support and FAQs for Brief Battles?

Visit our FAQ and support page on the Brief Battles website for FAQs, feedback and issue reporting forms.


Where can I find your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available here.

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